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About Rillmark Academy

Rillmark Academy is a young and ambitious Digital and IT training institute in Kathmandu. Rillmark Pvt. Ltd runs Rillmark Academy with an aim to produce Digital & IT professionals who can compete in the national as well as international market. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the skill supply and skill demand in these sectors. We aspire to become the best Digital Training Institute in Kathmandu.

Rillmark Academy’s approach to Digital & IT tutoring makes it truly different than other Training Institutions. Our instructors thoroughly plan every course classes. The classroom environment is enhanced by clear Syllabus planning, Objective test planning calendar, Training notes, PowerPoint presentations, Videos, Handouts and final projects. Our Academy places great emphasis on internships, placements and freelance projects for our graduates.

Why Rillmark Academy?

  • Remarkable facilities: We have got adequate hardware, software and network facilities, so you can conduct practical classes without any difficulties. We analyze equipment and student ratio to acquire new hardware and software.
  • Best Teachers:  We employ some of the best instructors available in Kathmandu. We have an intensive instructor selection process in place, so only the best and the brightest get to teach you in your training classes. Our teachers will teach you quickly and effectively. So that you can start your career super-fast.
  • Professionals with a passion for teaching: We have assembled a group of smart teachers. In addition, our teachers are passionate about the subject they teach. All of them are working professionals in prestigious IT companies. This will help you get practical knowledge required in your field of study.
  • Technology Adaptation: We regularly assess our training courses. Technology is changing very fast. We change accordingly. We use the latest software to train you. Rest assured, the knowledge you gain at Rillmark will allow you to compete in the field of your study after graduating.
  • Organization Culture: We are highly flexible and put your concerns first. We are here to serve you, and we deal with you accordingly. Our effort is to create a peaceful, healthy, caring and learning atmosphere within our organization.
  • Emphasis on Collaboration: Our instructors are friendly but professional. They are ready to go that extra mile to work collaboratively with you. They will pay individual attention to the students they teach. Further, most of our designing course ends with a final project work. This means you will be working under the direct supervision of our instructors.
  • Job Prospects:  As soon as your IT course is complete, you are ready to compete in the job market. Our institution tries its best to search for possible internships or job placements in your field of study. We encourage you to use job portals, newspaper ads and your contacts for launching your career. 

Our Team

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