Essential Computer Courses for you!

Why Rillmark?

Information Technology revolution has changed the world dramatically. Almost all sectors rely on computing to carry out their day to day activities. Computers are everywhere – schools and colleges, businesses, hospitals, banks, government offices, advertising, manufacturing, aviation, accounting and other industries. In fact, it is almost impossible for anyone to live without using computers. Computers are essential for individuals of every age, and they have helped us become more efficient and productive.

We understand that in order to learn something, you must start somewhere. Rillmark Academy can help you learn the computing skills, whatever your proficiency. We have more than 20 courses. We are sure you will always find a course that you can learn.

Our courses are job oriented. They are updated on a timely basis. You can make remarkable progress in your career after attending our courses.

Rillmark Academy is a young and ambitious IT training institute in Kathmandu. Rillmark Pvt. Ltd runs Rillmark Academy with an aim to produce IT professionals who can compete in the national as well as international IT market. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between the skill supply and skill demand in the IT sector. We aspire to become the best IT Training Institute in Kathmandu.

Rillmark Academy’s approach to IT tutoring makes it truly different than other Training Institutions.
We make heavy use of multimedia. Our instructors thoroughly plan every course classes. The classroom environment is enhanced by clear Syllabus planning, Objective test planning calendar, Training notes, PowerPoint presentations, Videos, Handouts and final projects. Our Academy places great emphasis on internships, placements and freelance projects for our graduates.


Why Rillmark?
If you dream of becoming a successful IT professional or you want to advance your career, then join Rillmark. Here are the Rillmark advantages:

  • Remarkable facilities with adequate hardware, software and network systems.
  • Professional teachers with a passion for teaching.
  • Quick technology adaptation. Training based on latest technology.
  • Serving culture where we put your concerns first.
  • Collaboration with the teachers for capstone projects
  • Bright job prospects after the successful completion of courses.
  • Counseling sessions if required.