C & C++ Programming Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

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C & C++ Programming Training :

This course is perfect for those who are new to programming. C is one of the oldest and the most popular programming language. It is the language of system programming for Unix – hence it is considered as the lingua franca of programming.

C & C++ Programming Training Prerequisite :

Anyone with basic computer skills can join this course. 

Course Details

The origins of C language can be traced back to 1972. It was written as a systems programming language. A system programming language is used to write the operating systems.  While C++ (pronounced see plus plus) was developed at Bell Labs as an extension to C. The C++ language added many features to C. Unlike C, C++ is an object oriented language. As more updates were added to C++, its functionality increased.

Scope of C/C++
C/C++ is a very powerful language. It is known to provide great control over the use of the computer resources. Its speed and ability to use the resources cheaply make it preferable to other languages. C/C++ is preferred by game and mobile apps developers. It is also used for demanding calculations. C++ is preferred for making cycle accurate simulator for functional and performance modeling and for verifying complex chips.

What you will learn
Rilllmark has established its curriculum according to the job market demands.  You will find regular vacancies for C/C++ professionals. 

Why Rillmark?

Remarkable facilities:
We have got adequate hardware, software and network facilities, so you can conduct practical classes without any difficulties. We analyze equipment and student ratio to acquire new hardware and software.

Best teachers:
We employ some of the best instructors available in Kathmandu. We have an intensive instructor selection process in place, so only the best and the brightest get to teach you in your training classes. Our teachers will teach you quickly and effectively. So that you can start your career super-fast.

Professionals with a passion for teaching:
We have assembled a group of smart teachers. In addition, our teachers are passionate about the subject they teach. All of them are working as professionals in prestigious IT companies. Thus, you will get practical knowledge required in your field of study.

Technology Adaptation
We regularly assess our training courses. Technology is changing very fast. We change accordingly. We use the latest software to train you. Rest assured, the knowledge you gain at Rillmark will allow you to compete in the field you want to work later.

Organization Culture:
We are highly flexible. We put your complaints and concerns first. We are here to serve you and we deal with you accordingly. We maintain a peaceful, healthy, caring and learning atmosphere within our organization.

Emphasis on Collaboration:
Our instructors are friendly but professional. They are ready to go that extra mile to work collaboratively with you. They will pay individual attention to the students they teach. Your C/C++ Course ends with a capstone project. This means you will be working under the direct supervision of our instructors. 

What after finishing this course?
After completing this course, you are eligible to apply for C/C++ positions. Our institute tries its best to search for possible internships or job placements for you in IT companies. We encourage you to use job portals, newspaper ads and your contacts for launching your career. You can join an IT company as a Java developer. You also have the option of freelancing.