Web Development Training With Laravel Framework


Laravel Web Development Training Course :

Laravel has turned into one of the most liked PHP Frameworks used for internet programming jobs. Laravel Training Course at Rillmark teaches you how to learn Laravel effectively and efficiently.

Laravel Web Development in Nepal :

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, which is clean and classy. Laravel development should be a pleasant experience. By learning this framework, you will be able to create complex applications, while taking advantages of Laravel packages (plugs) - that are developed by others.

Pre-requisites For Laravel Training :

You need to be familiar with basic PHP, mySQL, HTML and CSS.

Course Breakdown

Week 1

Installing and setting up Laravel 

  • Orientation to course
  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Concept of Composer
  • Install & Use of Composer
  • Installing Laravel using composer
  • Configuring Laravel
  • Project Structure
  • Setting up Development and Debugging Tools

Week 2


  • Basic Routing
  • Named Routing
  • Grouped Routing
  • Routing Parameters and handling routes.


  • Introduction to controller.
  • Creating Controller.
  • Routing Controller.
  • Routing Controller.
  • Passing data.
  • Resources and controllers.


  • Introduction to chapter.
  • Creating views and custom method.
  • Passing data to views.

Week 3

Database and Model

  • Introduction to chapter
  • Laravel Migration
  • Laravel tinker
  • Raw SQL queries
  • Laravel Eloquent / ORM
  • Eloquent relationships.
  • One to one/ one to many/ many to many relationship (CRUD)
  • Accessors.
  • Mutators.
  • Query Scopes

Week 4

Request and response

  • Introduction to course
  • Request Inputs
  • Form Inputs
  • Old Inputs
  • Cookies
  • Files
  • Attach Headers and Cookie to response
  • Response with View
  • Response with JSON
  • Response with File

Week 5

Laravel forms and html components

  • Introduction to chapter.
  • Set up views and routes.
  • Setting up controller  and view.
  • Generating form(Labels, text, text area, password ,checkboxes, radio buttons, file input, number input, dropdown and hidden fields)
  • Persisting data to database.
  • Reading data.
  • Showing individual posts and updating.
  • Preparing edit view and setting up token.
  • Editing records and redirecting.
  • Deleting.


  • Introduction to chapter
  • Installing form package and testing.
  • Modifying our create form with form package.
  • Modifying our edit and delete forms with form package.
  • Basic validation.
  • Validation approaches.
  • Displaying errors.
  • Validation Rules with associating messages
  • Custom Rules with associating custom messages
  • Advance validation.

Week 6

Laravel Services

  • Introduction to chapter.
  • Authentication of our application
  • Configuring Auth Library
  • Middleware
  • Creating authentication system using Middleware
  • Custom Authentication.
  • Artisan Console
  • Concept
  • Exception Handling and Error Logging
  • Laravel Helpers
  • Briefing through available helpers
  • Mail
  • Configuring & sending mail
  • Pagination
  • Session
  • Cookies
  • Cache
  • Event
  • Laravel's events provides a simple observer implementation, allowing you to subscribe and listen for events in your application.
  • Localization
  • Helps create Multi-language application

Week 7

Laravel Architectural Concept

  • Introduction to chapter
  • Request lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of how laravel works.
  • Façade.
  • Accessing application class and libraries.
  • Service provider in laravel.
  • Service container in laravel.

Laravel Package Development

  • Introduction to chapter
  • MVC
  • Repository pattern
  • Strategy pattern
  • Performing laravel mix tasks / npm /gulp 

Week 8

Real world application from Laravel 

  • Image gallery web application.
  • Dynamic CMS application.
  • Socialite Web application.
  • Final project

Course Details

Laravel is comparatively new PHP content management system that is free and open-source. This framework comes with expressive and elegant syntax. Web application development in Laravel is enjoyable and creative. It is a very powerful framework that comes with all the tools required to develop large and robust applications.

Scope of Laravel Framework
Laravel has grown quite quickly within a short period of time. It is a framework that makes PHP code look very elegant and growing number of developers are using this framework for its ease and power.
The future of Laravel PHP Development is looking extremely bright. Some of the benefits of Laravel Framework include its MVC (Model-View-Controller) feature, unit testing, rapid pace of development, beautiful templating, migrations. It is suitable for projects of all scales.

What you will learn
Our course will start from the very basics. We will start with setting up and installing Laravel. Then, we proceed gradually from Laravel basics to intermediate and advanced concepts. We will be covering basic introduction, form creation, databases, authentications, composer packages, controllers & routes, jQuery, Security parameters, testing and debugging. Your course will end with a real-life project.

Why Rillmark
If you believe your new career as a Laravel developer awaits you, join Rillmark. Here are the Rillmark advantages:

Remarkable facilities
We have got adequate hardware, software and network facilities, so you can conduct practical classes without any difficulties. We analyze equipment and student ratio to acquire new hardware and software.

Best teachers:
We employ some of the best instructors available in Kathmandu. We have an intensive instructor selection process in place, so only the best and the brightest get to teach you in your training classes. Our teachers will teach you quickly and effectively. So that you can start your career super-fast.

Professionals with a passion for teaching:
We have assembled a group of smart teachers. In addition, our teachers are passionate at the subject they teach. All of them are working as professionals in prestigious IT companies.This means you will get
practical knowledge in your field of study.

Technology Adaptation
We regularly assess our training courses. Technology is changing very fast. We change accordingly. We use latest software to train you. Rest assured, the knowledge you gain at Rill Mark will allow you to compete in the field you want to work later.

Organization Culture
We are highly flexible. We put your complaints and concerns first. We are here to serve you and we deal with you accordingly. We maintain a peaceful, healthy, caring and learning atmosphere within our organization.

Emphasis on Collaboration:
Our instructors are friendly but professional. They are ready to go that extra mile to work collaboratively with you. They will pay individual attention to the students they teach. Further, most of our designing course ends with a capstone project. This means you will be working under the direct supervision of our instructors.

What after finishing this course?
As soon as your Laravel Training Course is complete, you are ready to compete in the job market. Our institution tries its best to search for possible internships or a job placements in the design industry. We encourage you to use job portals, newspaper ads and your contacts for launching your career. 

As a trained Laravel Developer, you will mostly be developing different types of applications such as eCommerce sites, news sites, web portals etc.


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