Magento Web Development Training in Kathmandu, Nepal


Magento Development Training :

Magento is the most powerful and popular eCommerce platform available right now. It has object-oriented PHP Framework as its base and allows you to write dynamic web applications using Magento’s eCommerce features.

Magento Web Development Training Prerequisite :

Basic familiarity with a computer is enough for joining this course.


Course Breakdown

Week 1

Unit 1

  • Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Product Management, Categories, Products
  • General, Data, Links
  • Attributes, Discount, Special
  • Image, Reward Points, Design
  • Attributes, Options, Manufacturers or Brands
  • Downloads, Reviews
  • Information Page CMS (About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions)
  • Insert new pages in the information box

Week 2

Unit 2

  • Modules ( Account, Affiliate, Banner, Bestsellers, Carousel, Category, Google Talk, Information, Latest, Slideshow, Specials, Store, Welcome, Google Analytics)
  • Shipping (Citylink, Flat rate, Free shipping, Per item, Parcelforce 48, Pickup from store, Royal mail, UPS, USPS, Weight- Based  shipping

Week 3

Unit 3


  • Online payment security summary
  • Selecting the payment processor right for you
  • Payment processor checklist
  • Payment Processor Comparision chart
  • Alertpay,, Bank Wire Transfer
  • Check / Money Order, Cash on Delivery
  • Free Checkout, LIQpay, MoneyBookers (skrill)
  • Nochex, Paymate (AUS and NZ)
  • PayPoint Web Shop Pymts, Perpetual Payments (now
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Certified World Payments Pro US
  • PayPal certified World Payments Pro UK
  • SagePay Form Hosted, 2CheckOut, RBS WorldPay Hosted
  • Order totals

Week 4

Unit 4

  • Google Base, Google Sitemap, Sales
  • Add a new sales order, Orders menu
  • Order processing checklist
  • Returns or RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization) 
  • Customers menu, checklist and customer groups
  • Affiliates., Coupons, Gift Vouchers
  • Gift Vouchers, Gift Vouchers Checklist, Vouchers Themes
  • Mail

Week 5

Unit - 5

  • Languages, Currencies, Stock Statuses
  • Order Statuses, Countries, Zones
  • Tax Classes, Length Classes, Weight Classes

Week 6

Unit: 6

  • Customized reports, Sales orders reports
  • Sales Tax Report, Sales Shipping Report
  • Sales Returns Report, Sales Coupons Report
  • Products Viewed Report, Products Purchased Report
  • Customers' Orders Report, Customer Reward Points Report
  • Customer Credit Report
  • Affiliate Commission Report

Week 7

Unit: 7 

  • Templates and how they work
  • Choosing a good OpenCart template
  • Installing your own template
  • Template customizations

Course Details

Magento was created in order to power eCommerce sites. It comes with a fully functional user area that allows you to manage your customers. The community edition of Magento is free and there is a vast community to aid you if you run into problems.  You can administer several sites through one Magento platform. 

Scope of Magento
Right now, there are more than 200,000 websites that run on Magento. It applies Model-View-Controller and Object-Oriented programming architecture, which provides it with ingredients for a long-term viability. There are thousands of developers and companies who rely on Magento. Hence the scope of Magento is quite high. 

What you will learn
Rillmark has established its curriculum according to the job market demands.  You will be learning all aspects of Magento– including designing, developing and content administration. By the time you finish this course, you should be able to build and manage your own web store.

Why Rillmark ?
Remarkable facilities:
We have got adequate hardware, software and network facilities, so you can conduct practical classes without any difficulties. We analyze equipment and student ratio to acquire new hardware and software.

Best teachers:
We employ some of the best instructors available in Kathmandu. We have an intensive instructor selection process in place, so only the best and the brightest get to teach you in your training classes. Our teachers will teach you quickly and effectively. So that you can start your career super-fast.

Professionals with a passion for teaching:
We have assembled a group of smart teachers. In addition, our teachers are passionate about the subject they teach. All of them are working as professionals in prestigious IT companies. They will help you to get practical knowledge required in your field of study.

Technology Adaptation
We regularly assess our training courses. Technology is changing very fast. We change accordingly. We use the latest software to train you. Rest assured, the knowledge you gain at Rillmark will allow you to compete in the field you want to work later.

Organization Culture:
We are highly flexible. We put your complaints and concerns first. We are here to serve you and we deal with you accordingly. We maintain a peaceful, healthy, caring and learning atmosphere within our organization.

Emphasis on Collaboration:
Our instructors are friendly but professional. They are ready to go that extra mile to work collaboratively with you. They will pay individual attention to the students they teach. Your Magento Course ends with a capstone project. This means you will be working under the direct supervision of our instructors. 

What after finishing this course?
After completing this course, you are eligible to apply for Magento Vacancies. Our institute tries its best to search for possible internship or a job placements for you in IT companies. We encourage you to use job portals, newspaper ads and your contacts for launching your career. You also have the great prospects of freelancing.